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Storage Hacks That Reduce Clutter in Your Home
Posted by Shark Clean on 31st January 2017

Let’s face it; the vast majority of us could do with more storage space in our home. Clutter makes cleaning more difficult; it also make clean homes look dirty. If you believe that everything should have its own home, you’ll want to read on. With just a few simple tips, you should be able to transform your house into a clutter-free zone.

1. Store plastic bags in old wet wipe containers

As we all now have to pay for our plastic shopping bags, it’s important to keep a stock of them in the home. Rather than having them lying around your kitchen, open up an old wet wipe container, and fill it with bags. This will keep them out of sight and allow you to access them quickly.

2. Hang your shoes

If you have lots of tall boots in your home, finding somewhere for them to go that won’t damage them might be tricky. Just hang them up with trouser hangers, and free up your floors for more storage.

3. Spice up your makeup

Makeup, nail varnishes and perfumes clutter bedrooms up and down the country. A simple trick to eliminate this beauty-related clutter is to fit a spice rack on the bedroom wall. Paint it a colour that is in keeping with your bedroom’s decor, and you’ll have an attractive storage area for all your makeup.

4. Velcro your remotes

The average home now contains several remotes for TVs, DVD players, music systems, gaming consoles and various other items of gadgetry. They can clutter the tidiest of rooms unless you find a permanent home for them. Simply buy some adhesive covered Velcro, and stick some strips inside a cupboard or your entertainment cabinet. Stick another strip to each of your remotes, and you can mount them in a second. You will never have to play ‘hunt the remote’ again!

5. Accessorise your walls

Rather than having hats, scarves, ties and other clothing accessories clogging up your drawers and wardrobes, store them on a wall. Mount an attractive picture frame, and paint it — and the wall inside the frame — an appropriate colour. Screw hooks into your wall, and hang all of your accessories within the frame. This isn’t just a handy storage option, it’s also an attractive feature for your wall.

6. Hang bathroom products

If you’re struggling for space for all your shampoos, shower gels, conditioners and moisturisers, buy some hooked pegs and hang your excess bottles on your shower railing.

7. Use wonder hangers

You can quadruple the storage capacity of your wardrobes overnight by switching to wonder hangers. These simple gadgets allow you to hang several items of clothing with just a single hook.

8. Use fabric shoe holders in cupboards

If your cupboards are bursting at the seams, mount fabric shoe holders on the inside of the doors. You will instantly have nine or 12 handy storage compartments that won’t interfere with your existing cupboard space.

9. Use a wine rack for bags

Fix a large wine rack to the wall right by your front door, and you’ll have a convenient storage option for all your handbags and purses. This is also a great solution for storing excess towels in your bathroom.

10. The ladder hanger

Instead of draping your clothes over radiators, chairs and tables when the weather is too bad to hang them outside, hang a ladder from the ceiling, and drape your wet clothes over the rungs.

11. Attach tension rods everywhere

Tension rods allow you to fix hanging poles almost anywhere in your home without having to use nails and drills. Doing this will allow you to hang clothes, spray bottles and a wide range of personal possessions in every little bit of available space you have.

12. Hang your kitchen jars on a magnet strip

If you are struggling for space on your kitchen worktops, you can hang your metal-topped jars instead of them taking up valuable room. Stick a large magnet strip under one of your kitchen cabinets, and you can suspend your jars in the air through the power of magnetism.

Using just a few of these storage hacks should help you to reduce the clutter in your home significantly.

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