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How to Remove Red Wine from a Carpet Quickly

by Shark Clean
on 14th November 2017


The panic that a homeowner feels when a glass of red wine is sent hurtling towards a new and very expensive carpet is something many people have experienced. White wine just isn’t a problem, but red can mean certain death for an expensive floor covering.

But you don’t always need to consign your carpet to the nearest tip. If you’re ready to act swiftly and in the right way, you can ensure that the red stain never takes hold.

Where red wine stains on carpet are concerned, time truly is the enemy. So if you’re enjoying a tipple in the vicinity of your cherished floor covering, it’s best to be prepared for the worst.

The steps to dealing with a red wine spillage


Before you do anything, you need to remove as much of the liquid from your carpet as possible. The more wine you can remove, and the faster you can take action, the more chance you’ll have of leaving your carpet stain-free. Use an absorbent cloth or paper towels to dab or blot the stain dry. Avoid the temptation to scrub, however, as this could make the situation worse.


Add water

Once you’ve removed the worst of the spillage, dilute the wine with some filtered water. Of course, you don’t want to completely saturate your carpet, so apply the water with a spray gun. As you spray, continue blotting the entire area.


Add baking soda

Baking soda truly is a magic substance when it comes to household cleaning, and it works very well on carpet. Create a paste of three parts baking soda and one part water. Apply the paste to the stain, and allow it to dry — which could take several hours.



Once your paste has dried, vacuum the entire area thoroughly. Once you’ve cleared all of the paste, look for any remnants of red wine. If you find any, repeat the process. And if you’re still struggling to remove the stain, try adding a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide to your paste. However, before you do, always check the carpet manufacturer’s cleaning guidelines.

Top red wine removal tips

– Before attempting to remove a stain from your carpet, test the procedure on a small patch that is hidden from view, just in case it causes some damage.

– For light and white carpets, add a little dishwashing detergent to the water you apply at the beginning of the cleaning process.

– If the red wine spillage occurs while you’re entertaining guests, you obviously won’t want to spend a couple of hours dealing with a potential stain. Instead, blot the area thoroughly with absorbent paper towels. Sprinkle some salt over the stain, and cover the area with micro-fibre cloths.

– If you notice a dried red wine stain, you will need to saturate the carpet with hot water, and apply a paste of ammonia, detergent, water and baking powder. If the stain won’t budge, try applying an oxi product, and give it eight hours of contact time before vacuuming.

Using vinegar and white wine

If you’re not getting results with bicarbonate of soda and water, substitute the water with white vinegar. If all of your efforts have failed, you probably haven’t got too much to lose. Create a paste of white wine and baking soda, and spread it over the affected area. And finally, before you either call in the professionals or replace your carpet, try using vodka instead of wine. As always, refer to the manufacturer’s cleaning guidelines before doing anything.


Don’t give up on your carpet until you’ve exhausted all your options. With fast action and a little know-how, you can stop red wine from ruining your cherished floor coverings.

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