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How to Remove Beer Stains from Carpet
Posted by Shark Clean on 24th January 2017

The festive season is now well behind us, but a lot of householders will have been left with some unwanted reminders. When beer, wine and spirits are flowing in your home, it’s easy to take your eye off the home cleaning ball. But when the Christmas dust settles, you start to notice the carpet and upholstery stains that have been left behind.

If you’re struggling to remove unsightly beer stains from your carpets or rugs, don’t panic, as a systematic approach and the right tools are all you need for success.

Gather what you will need

Before tackling the beer stain, gather together the tools for the job.

  • Salt
  • Paper towels
  • Water
  • White vinegar
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • A sponge
  • An enzyme-based detergent

Spread the salt

If the beer stain is still damp, start by throwing salt over the affected area of carpet. This will soak up moisture from deep within the pile and get to work on any lingering odours. However, the chances are the beer stain dried some time ago, which means your job will be that much harder.

Dampen the area

Soak the sponge in a solution of dishwashing liquid and hot water, and then squeeze off the excess. Gently dab the affected area of carpet. Avoid the temptation of scrubbing, as this could permanently damage the fibres of your carpet.

Apply the vinegar

Create a new solution of one part white vinegar and three parts hot water. Soak the sponge in the solution, and squeeze it onto the stain. Vinegar is very effective at removing stains, and it will also pick up any odours that the salt missed.

Apply the enzyme-based detergent

If you’re happy that the stain has been removed, you should be able to skip this step. If you still haven’t removed the beer stain, you should consult the manufacturer’s cleaning guidelines before using any commercial detergent.

Mix the enzyme-based detergent with water (according to the instructions), and sponge it into the carpet. Remember to dab and blot… never rub. Give the carpet an hour of contact time, and then dab up the excess moisture with paper towels.

Finish off with the power of steam

The beer stain should now be gone. But just to make sure your carpet is as fresh and clean as it possible can be, it’s a good idea to apply the power of steam — just to make sure. The Shark Lift-Away 2 in 1 Steam Pocket Mop is ideal for the job, as its detachable, handheld unit makes cleaning just a small, isolated area of carpet very easy.

Fill the water tank, select the ‘Scrub’ setting and attach the Carpet Glider attachment that came with the mop. You can now use your Shark mop as a fully fledged carpet cleaner. Just a few passes will send steam deep into the pile of your carpet, dislodging tiny particles and neutralising odours. And you don’t need to worry about your carpet being waterlogged, as Shark Steam Pocket technology ensures the optimum amount of water is evenly distributed across the entire mop head.

Your carpet should be fresh and clean. However, it is worth noting that some beers include ingredients that can cause certain types of carpet to fade permanently.

Removing beer stains from carpet shouldn’t pose too many problems if you’re prepared. But remember: the faster you act after the initial spillage, the better chance your carpet has of making a full recovery.


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