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Lighten Your Spring Cleaning Load with These 7 Dusting Tricks

by Shark Clean
on 11th March 2019

Spring cleaning is often a long, hard slog in many family homes. Rather than setting aside a day to give their home a deep clean, people often have to set aside a few weekends. Anything that reduces the workload and the time spent on the big spring clean is therefore always welcomed.

One of the major jobs in any spring clean is dusting; but not the everyday surfaces in our homes — the more inaccessible areas. Whether you’re dusting at height or in an awkward area of your property, there are a few tricks to make life a lot easier for yourself.

1. Dust Venetian blinds with ease

You probably dust the same areas of your house every week. But when it’s time to spring clean, you probably add areas to your cleaning checklist such as window blinds. If you have Venetian blinds, there is a great way to make the job easier and quicker.

Take a normal set of kitchen tongs, and wrap a microfibre cloth around each prong with elastic bands. Grip each slat with the tongs, and slowly run the cloths along them — picking up dust, dirt and insects as you go.

2. Dust ceilings with socks

If you have an old pair of fuzzy socks lying around, you can use them to dust the ceilings and coving in your home. Simply wrap a sock around a small-headed mop, and slowly run it across your ceiling to pick up dirt and cobwebs without simply redistributing them around the room.

3. Dust screens with dryer sheets

A lot of people make the mistake of cleaning computer and TV screens with a damp cloth. This creates a lot of streaks, and can make your TV unwatchable. If you don’t have a dedicated screen cleaner, you can achieve the same results with a tumble dryer sheet. However, make sure it’s a used one, as they contain fabric softener.

4. Dust ceiling fans with a pillow case

If you have ceiling fans in your home, you probably know how difficult it can be to clean them. But you can save yourself a huge amount of time and effort by using a pillow case. Simply wrap each blade in a case, and gently drag it over the surface to catch all of the dust and dirt. This will save you the job of cleaning up the dust and debris you’ve dislodged afterwards.

5. Create your own dusting spray for wood

You don’t need to rely on expensive and potentially caustic aerosol sprays to make your wooden furniture shine. These products aren’t always that effective, and they can exacerbate allergies and breathing difficulties. Just one bottle of homemade cleaning spray should be enough for your entire spring clean. Create a solution of eight parts water, one part vinegar and one part olive oil. Then add your favourite essential oil to create a pleasant aroma all over your home.

6. Use old dryer sheets to clean everyday surfaces

Used dryer sheets are perfect for dusting everyday surfaces such as window sills, mantels, tabletops, doors and skirting. Not only do they trap dust and stop it from flying up into the air, they help to repel new dust for a period after cleaning. Just make sure they’re used, otherwise you could be spreading fabric conditioner around your home.

7. Paper coffee filters dust about anything

Every time you wipe down a dusty surface with a paper coffee filter, you create a small electrical charge that repels dust. The type of paper used is also great for trapping dust and dirt particles. So whether you’re cleaning a TV or dusting the ornaments on your mantel, it’s always a good idea to have a supply of paper coffee filters at your disposal. In most cases, you won’t need anything else!

Dusting is one of the major components of a thorough spring clean. Make it easier and quicker, and the entire process will become a lot more manageable.

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