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How Can I Maximise the Life of My Luxurious Deep-Pile Carpet?

by Shark Clean
on 13th February 2019

Deep pile carpet delivers warmth, a luxurious aesthetic and comfort — but it won’t always deliver longevity. Some deep-pile carpets are more susceptible to natural wear and tear. Yet most owners don’t realise that extending their carpet’s life isn’t all that difficult.

With just a few changes to your routines and cleaning habits, your luxurious carpet should continue to look showroom fabulous for many years to come.

1. Be prepared for what you’re getting.

Before your carpet arrives, read up on its cleaning instructions, and make sure you have everything you need from day one. Certain materials and weaves have very specific cleaning instructions, and require specialist cleaning agents. Learn about how to prevent mould and treat stains in advance, and you’ll be ready to act as soon as disaster strikes.

2. Vacuum the carpet regularly

Deep pile has a tendency to always look fantastic — until it suddenly doesn’t. People take a quick glance at their carpet, decide it looks perfect, and put off vacuuming it for another day or two. Deep pile is good at hiding dirt, dust and anything else that shouldn’t be there. But when these things remain hidden for a while, they can begin to cause irreparable damage.

As a house rule, make sure your deep-pile carpets are vacuumed every day — regardless of how good they look. It’s important to choose the best vacuum cleaner for deep carpet, as there are a few things you’ll need. For example, a motorised brushrool disturbs debris from deep within the carpet and brings it to the surface — where it can be sucked up properly. You should also choose a cleaner with a brush attachment and a crevice tool for edging and corners.

Even the smallest particles of dirt and dust can cause damage to carpet fibres if they’re left for days, so remain vigilant.

3. Cover your carpets

While it might seem counterintuitive to cover your new carpets the moment they’ve been laid, doing so could extend their life considerably. Only cover the high-traffic areas, and do so with runners, mats and rugs that complement the decor. A lot of people ask their carpet fitter to trim a remnant so it can be used as a makeshift runner. Doing this means you won’t spoil the look of your new floor covering.

4. Set-up emergency treatment stations around your home

Ideally, you should never be more than a few steps away from the tools and cleaning agents you need to treat spills and stains. The faster you blot spills from deep-pile carpet, the greater your chances of preventing stains. Collect everything you need, and place them into buckets around your home.

You should always have some baking soda at hand, as it soaks up both moisture and unwanted odours. Sprinkle it on liberally, and vacuum it away before you start blotting. Check the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions, as there will be certain cleaning agents you won’t be able to use. Stain removers, shampoos, vinegar, alcohol and hydrogen peroxide are all agents you might be able to use. However, never proceed without checking the cleaning instructions, and always apply agents to a hidden test area first.

5. Take extra precautions with pets in the home

If you have a pet in your home, you will have to take extra precautions, such as limiting access to certain areas, vacuuming more often and using the best vacuum for pet hair. Hair and dander can work its way into deep-pile carpet very easily, but removing it is notoriously difficult. A specialist vacuum cleaner is designed for just this purpose. It uses cyclonic, bagless technology and a specialist brushroll to “dig” hair out of deep pile and remove it permanently.

6. Steam regularly

Steam can remove dirt and stains that simple cleaning techniques can’t. Steam loosens stuck-on dirt and grease deep within the pile, and it also kills the bacteria that can cause bad smells. You can invest in a carpet steamer or buy a steam mop with a carpet attachment. Every couple of years, it might be worth calling in the professionals to perform a deep clean.

Deep pile carpets are stunning at first, but they can become worn and flattened very quickly. Stay vigilant and maintain a strict cleaning schedule to keep yours looking new for as long as possible.

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