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How Can I Make Vacuum Cleaning Easier?

by Shark Clean
on 9th January 2019

Vacuuming thick carpet can be back-breaking work at times, particularly if you already suffer from back problems. And the harder things get, the longer the job takes.

But by changing how you approach this essential cleaning job, you can make your life a whole lot easier. Not only that, you can free up time for more detailed cleaning jobs in your home.

Your everyday vacuuming duties will become a great deal quicker and easier if you follow these top tips.

Clear the area first

People often wade into vacuuming without first preparing the floor. They do this because they’re in a hurry, but in many cases they’re actually making the job more difficult. Take a few seconds to move furniture and clutter out of the way. Pick up large pieces of debris, and generally clear the way for long, sweeping passes with your vacuum cleaner.

Take your time

Yes, this counterintuitive when you’re trying to speed things up, but it works. Rushing things means you’re more likely to miss areas, or have to go over the same area of floor several times. Work with haste, but be systematic in your approach. If you have the best vacuum cleaner for your particular type of floor, just one or two passes with it should suffice.

Use the right tools for the job

Using inappropriate vacuum cleaners or the wrong attachments can make vacuuming harder and more time-consuming. If you’re cleaning upholstery, use the relevant brush and crevice tools. If you’re cleaning hardwood floors, use the hard floor attachment. If you’re vacuuming deep pile carpet, use a vacuum cleaner with an independently motorised brush roll — to dislodge dust and debris from deep within the pile.

Empty your dust compartment regularly

Whether you have a bagged or a bagless vacuum cleaner, make sure you’re emptying it regularly. If it’s anywhere near full, your vacuum cleaner may not work as efficiently as it can. Using a bagless vacuum cleaner makes the job of emptying it a great deal easier. Simply press a button to disconnect the dust canister, and take it outside without sending dust back into the air.

Clean logically

Remember the golden rule of vacuuming: gravity always sends dust downwards. If you start cleaning from the bottom of a room, you run the risk of redistributing dust all over your newly vacuumed carpets and hard floors. Start by vacuuming curtains, pelmets, lights and anything at height — and gradually move your way down. The last thing you should vacuum in any room is the floor.

Clean as you go

Keep a handheld or stick vacuum cleaner in your home for spot cleaning. When you notice accumulations of dirt or dust, vacuum them away immediately Then, when it’s time for a more detailed clean, you’ll have less to do.



Don’t waste your time cleaning flooring that barely comes into contact with feet. Low-traffic areas can usually be cleaned just once or twice a week. Prioritise your time and efforts on high-traffic areas of flooring, such as those in your hallways, kitchen and main reception rooms.

Keep your vacuum cleaner clean and in a good state of repair

Every couple of weeks or so, give your vacuum cleaner and good clean. Clean the dust canister and filters, inspect the various removable parts for damage and check that the belt is still functioning correctly. Pay particular attention to your brush roll; the more debris it’s carrying, the less effective it is. You might find hair and string accumulates on your brush roll relatively quickly. Use a small knife or scissors to gently cut them free.

Choose the best vacuum cleaner for your circumstances

There are several different types of vacuum cleaner to choose from these days. There are uprights, canister vacuums, handheld vacuums, combination vacuums and stick/cordless vacuum cleaners. Think about the floors in your home, as well as the layout of each room. If you have mobility issues (particularly in your back, shoulders, arms or wrists), choose something lightweight and agile, such as a stick vacuum.

Follow these relatively straightforward tips, and vacuum cleaning in your home should get a lot easier very quickly.

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