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7 Quick Tips for Making Your Home More Relaxing

by Shark Clean
on 19th May 2017

Let’s face it; a family home can be a madhouse at times. While most of us strive to create a tranquil enclave of serenity, it isn’t long before real life takes over and makes a home anything but restful.

While the stresses and strains of modern life will always find a way into the home, there are a few things you can do to turn up the relaxation.

1. Introduce furniture into your bathroom

Provided you have the space in your bathroom, the addition of real furniture can create a soothing, restful environment — perfect for long and indulgent baths. A comfortable antique chair, for instance, can make a bathroom softer and more homely. If possible, hang curtains or nets at the window, lay rugs on the floor and introduce fabrics if it is practical.

The look you’re going for here is the upmarket spa look, so you should look for plush fixtures that add the element of luxury. If you’re concerned about furniture getting wet, consider adding a few pieces of outdoor furniture, which are now upholstered with high quality, weather-proof fabrics.

2. Go rustic

More and more of us are furnishing our home with mass-produced furniture that is pristine yet rather generic. However, there is a lot to be said for imperfections when it comes to home furnishings with real character. Don’t be afraid to mix things up a little when it comes to your decor and furnishing choices.

There’s nothing wrong with combining the old and the new in a home, and you can create a space that is truly your own by furnishing it with items that have a story to tell. Too many of us try to make our homes perfect — that alone can be a source of stress and anxiety.

3. Keep things casual

Investing thousands in the finest furniture and furnishings that money can buy can often leave you terrified that your prized items might get damaged. Instead, make “comfy-chic” your goal. Keep things simple, and make comfort the priority instead of opulence. Unpretentious furniture that doesn’t “try too hard” often forms the basis of the most comforting and relaxing rooms in the home.

4. Declutter

A clean and tidy living space has been proven to be more conducive to relaxation than a dirty and untidy home. Keep all of your possessions in their rightful home, and remove things you don’t need every day from view. Your decluttering efforts should not be limited to everyday possessions, however. Go through your home and remove extraneous furniture, fixtures, rugs and decorative features. You’ll create more space, and you should be able to drastically reduce the cleaning required in your home.

5. Make the best use of space outside

The love-affair with the garden is as passionate as ever amongst householders. Few things in everyday life are as relaxing as soaking up the sunshine in your own garden, so it’s definitely a good idea to invest in making your outdoor areas as hospitable and comfortable as possible. Add as much “softness” as possible with cushions, throws and furnishings that are specifically designed for outdoor use.

6. Use natural materials wherever possible

Perfectly flat walls, carpeted floors and clean lines might create a pristine, uniform environment, but they will often create a formal environment in which it isn’t always easy to relax. Texture your walls and floors with natural materials such as wood and metal, and don’t be afraid to spruce up your home with plants.

7. Make lighting a priority

It is important to have the ability to create different lighting levels for your moods, events and times of the day. Wherever possible, take steps to allow natural light to flood into your home — this is very important for our moods and ability to relax. Use a combination of ceiling, wall and floor lights to create the right ambience for the right occasion, but always make natural light your number one priority.

You will never be able to make your home stress-free, but by making a few changes here and there you should be able to make it as relaxing as possible.

Shark Clean

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