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12 Great Christmas Gift Ideas for the House Proud Person in Your Life

by Shark Clean
on 19th December 2018

If you’re buying a Christmas gift for the house proud person in your life this year, there are more options than ever. There’s a huge selection of cleaning tools and gadgets on the market. Your only problem will be deciding which one to buy.

Whether you’re looking for something to clean a mucky carpet or a steam mop for the kitchen, the choices are almost endless.

To help you make the right choice for that special someone in your life, we’ve compiled a list of this year’s most popular cleaning gifts.

1. A sticky picker

A sticky picker is a small, handheld roller that is used to pick up small accumulations of dirt and dust. Imagine you’re cleaning up some soil from your carpet. Rather than getting out the vacuum cleaner, you can use a sticky picker to “roll up” the mess in a matter of seconds.

This low-tech solution to an age-old problem is basically a roller on a stick. An adhesive brush picks up everyday substances from rugs, carpets and upholstery. When you’re done, you can simply replace the sticky pad with a fresh one.

2. Cyber putty

One of the most difficult cleaning jobs in the 21st century is the removal of dirt, dust and crumbs from keyboards. After all, you can simply throw your keyboard in the sink and give it a scrub. A dry cleaning method is usually essential. You might use a hack involving something like a cotton bud or a tumble dryer sheet, but there’s now a tool that’s designed specifically for the job.

Cyber putty is a ball of squishy loveliness that attracts small particles with ease. Simply press the putty into the keyboard, and gently lift it up. The putty gets into all the nooks and crannies, and lifts even the most submerged for dirt out. This is a great cleaning aid to have at a work desk, as it’s also a great stress-reliever.

3. A stationary vacuum

Have you ever experienced the frustration that comes with not being able to sweep every bit of dirt into your dustpan. This is an age-old problem that forces many people to reach straight for their vacuum cleaner.

A stationary vacuum performs the job of a dustpan — and a lot more. Simply sweep the debris in the direction of this handy device, and it will suck it up with ease.

4. Shark’s Duoclean Corded Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Perhaps the single most important cleaning tool in any home is a vacuum cleaner. If you want to make life as easy as possible for that special someone in your life, buy them something that can adapt to almost every room and surface in your home. That something could be Shark’s Duoclean Corded Upright Vacuum Cleaner with Powered Lift-Away.

This lightweight, agile and powerful cleaner has a detachable unit that has its own power. So, you can vacuum a large carpet, and then use the Lift-Away unit to clean your upholstered furniture. There’s also an optional upgrade that takes care of pet hair. The True Pet upgrade gives you a Pet Power Brush to make removing hair and dander a quick and simple process.

5. A blind cleaner

If you have Venetian blinds in your home, you’ll know just how difficult they are to clean. Instead of relying on cloths or the latest cleaning hacks, your loved one can clean blinds in half the time with a blind and grate cleaner.

This simple product is basically just handle with a few fluffy fingers. Push the fingers over over the slats, and you can clean up to six at once. Just run your cleaner sideways.

6. A deep clean brush set

Have you ever used the tile-cleaning hack that involves using an old toothbrush. While this hack can work, the average used toothbrush doesn’t deliver anywhere near enough cleaning power. But you can get much better results with roughly the same process by using a dedicated brush set. Featuring an ergonomic rubber grip and extra stiff bristles, these brushes can buff up your grouting in no time.

7. Powered tile scrubber

Staying on the subject of tile cleaning, there’s an even easier way to restore your grouting to its former glory. You’ve heard of an electric toothbrush? Well, now meet the electric tile scrubber.

At first glance, this gadget looks just like something you’d brush your teeth with. However, the bristles are harder and stiffer, and they revolve much faster. Simply spray the tiles with your cleaning solution, and brush your grouting until it’s brilliant white again.

8. Phone soap

The average mobile phone is usually one of the dirtiest items in the home. It’s usually covered in bacteria, which is invisible and potentially dangerous. And be honest: how often do you actually clean and sanitise your own handheld devices?

You can give your loved on the gift of phone cleanliness with so-called “phone soap”. But don’t worry, this doesn’t involved water and working up a lather. You simply pop your device in the machine and press start. UVC light kills the vast majority of the bacteria, without damaging your device.

9. Microfibre socks

If you like to read cleaning blogs and advice articles, you’ll know that microfibre cloths are great for cleaning a wide range of surfaces in the home. But like most cleaning tools, they require a degree of physical effort. But you can give your loved one the gift of passive floor cleaning with a pair of microfibre cleaning socks.

Available in a range of bright, vivid colours, these socks are warm and surprisingly comfortable. But they have microfibre toggles all over them, which all you to clean your hard floors as you walk around your home.

10. Touch-free soap

You don’t need to have those ugly plastic pump bottles in your bathroom to give everyone access to sanitising soap. Not only do they look awful, they are a magnet for germs. After all, people pump the soap out with dirty hands, so they’re bound to be covered in bacteria.

Give your loved one the gift of cleanliness with a touch-free soap pump. Just waft your hand in the general vicinity of the pump, and a single dose of sanitising solution is dispensed. Available in a range of stylish metallic finishes, this particular product can be a feature in its own right.

11. Cleaning labels

A lot of people are now making their own homemade, green cleaning agents — using everyday substances such as vinegar. But keeping a lot of unmarked spray bottles in your home can be dangerous. DIY cleaner labels look great, and they keep everyone in the home safe.

12. A Steam Mop

Steam is a great household cleaning agent. Not only does it cut through grease and grime, it kills the vast majority of bacteria in its way. Furthermore, you don’t need any expensive or potentially toxic cleaning chemicals when you have steam power at your disposal.

The Shark Klik ‘n’ Flip Automatic Steam Pocket Mop, for example, is designed to make light work out of cleaning hard floors. You can blast extra steam at stubborn accumulations, and flip the head when you need a clean steam pad. It also comes with a swivel head, ergonomic design and an attachment that turns it into a powerful carpet cleaner.

Shopping for the clean freak in your life at Christmas has never been this rewarding.

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