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10 Tips for Hiding Christmas Presents in Your Home

by Shark Clean
on 3rd December 2017

It’s an age-old problem that has given millions of parents restless nights over the years: How do you hide Christmas presents from young children?

Children are naturally inquisitive, and they love nothing more than to root around cupboards and hiding holes in search of festive gifts. This issue can be particularly stressful if your home is small. Some people leave the shopping until the last minute, while others keep gifts in cars or at friends’ homes.

But you don’t need a new wing on your house to successfully hide Christmas gifts… just use these simple tips in your own home.

1. Store gifts with cleaning supplies

Children aren’t exactly known for their love of cleaning, so you can almost guarantee that they won’t go near cleaning cupboards in search of presents. Slip in a few gifts amongst your brushes, vacuum cleaners and cleaning agents, and they should remain hidden from prying eyes until the big day.

2. Shoe boxes

Create a large stack of shoe boxes in your wardrobe. Place real shoes in the first couple of boxes, and use the rest for storing presents. If your children do think to check the boxes, they’re likely to give up after the first one or two attempts.

3. Underwear drawers

Another area children aren’t likely to check is underwear drawers, so use them to hide some of your smaller gifts.

4. Anywhere that’s scary

Are your children scared of a particular place in your home? Do they cower in fear at the thought of entering that cupboard under the stairs? Are they terrified of the loft? If so, these are perfect places to hide festive gifts.

5. Outbuildings

Any building outside could prove to be the perfect hiding place. During the cold days of winter, children are very unlikely to go in search of gifts in a shed, greenhouse or outdoor toilet. Just make sure your gifts are in a waterproof cover before storing them in these locations.

6. In the kitchen

Most children won’t think to clean, and even fewer will ever think to cook up a storm in the kitchen. This gives you the opportunity to store a few smaller gifts in cupboards, pots, vases and behind appliances.

7. A Neighbour’s house

If your neighbours are experiencing similar issues, you can work together to create a mutually beneficial solution. Why not swap presents, and then organise a trade on Christmas Eve? Even if the kids do manage to find your stash, they’ll actually be looking at someone else’s gifts.

8. Suitcases

If you can manage to stow a few presents in empty suitcases without making them look full you should be able to keep prying eyes away.

Throwing people off the scent

If you’re worried that friends and family might find out what you’ve bought by other means, there are some effective measures you can take.

9. Purchase gifts with a prepaid card

Load up a prepaid card — there are several providers on the Internet — and use it to make all your festive gift purchases. This way, you won’t need to worry about family members looking for your bank statements for clues.

10. Make digital lists

Never make Christmas gift lists with pen and paper, as this is solid evidence that could fall into the wrong hands. Instead, create lists using social media platforms such as Pinterest. This way, all of your ideas are locked safely behind a password.


If you really want to get serious about keeping your Christmas gifts hidden in your home, you can install home security cameras and motion sensors in areas where gifts are stored. If you notice people sniffing around, you’ll know to either warn them off or to move your presents to a more secure location.


Christmas gift shopping is a serious business — particularly if you’re determined to keep your gift ideas a secret. But by implementing these top tips, you should be able to presents under wraps.

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