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10 Simple Ways to Inject Some Colour into Your Home

by Shark Clean
on 2nd May 2017


Sticking to neutral tones in your home is a great way to create a blank canvas for creativity. It is also important if you plan to sell your home anytime soon, as vivid, garish colours are often a matter of taste — and not everyone will share yours.

If you want to inject some colour into your home, there’s no need to bring in the decorators or interior designers. With one or more of these 10 simple tips, you can bathe your home in colour with the minimum of effort.

1. Greet guests with colour

If the exterior of your home features a selection of neutral colours and subtle shades, add a major splash of colour with a brightly coloured door. Nothing says “welcome home” more enthusiastically than a beautiful red door and the natural green of topiary.

2. Wallpaper bookshelves

If you have bookshelves in your home, the chances are they are dull and uninspiring — providing a home for books and possessions without doing much else. However, by wallpapering these shelves with bright and interesting paper, you can add a splash of colour and create an intriguing feature at the same time.

3. Wallpaper picture frames

A very easy way to add the colour and textures you want for your room is to wallpaper the inside of a picture frame. This job takes just a few minutes, but it has the power to transform any space in your home instantly. And the best thing is that, because the colour is behind glass, you can get away with the cheapest wallpaper you can find.

4. Intelligent use of lighting

There are several ways you can use light to add colour to your home. The most obvious option is to use coloured lightbulbs and filters strategically around the property. However, you can also try to direct light at coloured walls, paintings, fixtures and furnishings to amplify their effect.

5. Add trim to curtains and furniture

By adding some colourful trim to your curtains, drapes, cushions and furniture, you can brighten up a room with very little material. Add around one to four inches of trim to these items, and you should be able to bring any room to life.

6. Use your ceilings

Most of us stick to a simple shade of white for our ceilings, but we could be missing a trick. If your walls are white or neutrally coloured, why not wallpaper your ceiling with a vibrant colour? Stick to one shade, but to ensure your room doesn’t become dark, select a design that is broken up with white — checks are perfect.

7. Add some art

Just a few prints here and there can be enough to break up monotonous colour themes in a room. You don’t need to splash out on original art — shapes, colours and textures can usually transform a living space into something completely different.

8. Add a rug

Adding a colourful rug or mat to a large expanse of carpet or hardwood flooring is a great way to add a splash of colour to any living space. Centrally located, a colourful rug could be all you need in terms of a bright and vibrant colour. And because it sits on the floor, it won’t overpower your existing decor.

9. Introduce Mother Nature

Just one or two flower arrangements and potted plants may be all you need to breathe new life into your room. Of course, you don’t have to use real plants, as the artificial alternatives look just as good — without attracting pests or causing a mess.

10. Accessorize

This is your chance to let your imagination roam free. Pick a colour theme, and buy a range of accessories to “sprinkle” around your room. Throws, cushions, candlesticks, ornaments, picture frames and anything that can be found in your chosen colour can transform your home with the minimum of effort.


Adding colour to your home doesn’t always mean a complete redecoration. These 10 simple tips prove that the process can take just a few seconds — and very little money.

Shark Clean

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