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Keeping your oven in tip top condition is extremely important. Cleaning it regularly will keep it running to the highest standard, and getting rid of grime will help fend off illnesses caused by bacteria growing in the dirt. An oven gets incredibly hot (obviously, that's what you're using it for!), and often bits of food will drop off from whatever you're cooking and literally bake to the the bottom of the appliance. Once they're baked on, they're very difficult to remove, and a special kind of tool is needed to get them off. The same can be said for stubborn marks made from sizzling sausages under the grill, or splashback on your hobs from bubbling sticky sauces or bacon fat - sometimes, no matter how hard you scrub, no amount of elbow grease is powerful enough to get the job done.

The Shark® Lift-Away™ S3901 is an easy to use handheld professional steam pocket mop, that is more than just a mop made for cleaning floors (although it does that job brilliantly too). With a removable built in hand steamer, the Shark® Lift-Away™ S3901 let's you get in to those otherwise difficult to reach places, to directly attack the baked-on dirt or stubborn fatty marks. It's is ready to use in only thirty seconds, and will provide the user with more than 25 minutes of continuous steam use. It only takes a few seconds to detach the removable hand steamer from the main mop, allowing you to quickly adjust your cleaning routine, turning tackling the dreaded oven in to something you can actually enjoy.

The Shark® Lift-Away™ S3901 has three steam settings that are easily adjustable, and maintained automatically - there's no need to keep your finger pressed down on a button to make sure it keeps cleaning. This is useful because it stops the otherwise awkward act of trying to keep your finger pressed down on a button while you lean deep in to the back of an oven to clean it. The handheld device works in the same way as the full mop - water is heated in a reservoir up to temperatures of about 120 degrees Celsius, and then jets are used to moisten the pad at the bottom. Just like with the steam mop, the handheld device doesn't leave a wet residue on the floor, leaving you with no mess to clean up... after already cleaning up a mess! Because the heat of the steam is so intense, about 99 per cent of bacteria is killed during the cleaning process, killing dust mites and disinfecting in the process*.

Dirty hobs are an issue that everyone has had to deal with at least once or twice (or maybe a few more in some cases!), and if left too long, some marks will become permanent stains. With the Shark® Lift-Away™ S3901, these marks are suddenly not as "permanent" as they once were, wiping away after only a few moments of coming under fire from the handheld steam cleaner. All that's left to do afterwards is give it a quick wipe with a dry cloth, and you're done. On to the next so-called "permanent" mark.

*In Steam mode only under controlled test conditions, results may vary.

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